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And the frantic Googling of "towel clad upskirt" begins.

New York Minute
(PG, 91 min.)
Wide release

Thursday, May 06, 2004
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New York Minute: Twin reeks

The Olsens don't try to, like, act or anything, in

By By Anthony Del Valle

Yeah, sure, it's junk filmmaking, and no, the Olsen twins aren't going to be nominated this year. But still. It might surprise how not so horrible New York Minute is.

Ashley and Mary-Kate play 17-year old siblings who have a love-hate relationship. Ashley's Jane is an overachiever. She has to go to Columbia this afternoon to deliver a scholarship-competition speech. Mary-Kate's Roxy, who uses her creative energy to figure out ways to cut school, has decided to go into Manhattan to crash a rock-video shoot. Today, though, truant officer Max Lomax (Eugene Levy; remember him? the nerdy dad in American Pie) is determined to nab Roxy once and for all.

But then, like, the two girls get kidnapped by this goon who's after a microchip that Roxy has stumbled onto that contains millions of dollars worth of pirated music and film. Then the chip gets eaten by this Chinese Crested lapdog, which belongs to this mother of this beautiful boy whom Jane is really into, so, be real, they can't kill it, but if they don't give the goon back his chip, he will destroy Jane's day planner, which would be like, you know, really bad news.

The script (by Emily Fox, Adam Cooper and Bill Collage) is too much setup and not enough payoff. Director Dennie Gordon has a crude way with physical comedy. Still, the storyline charms at regular intervals. And reliable comic actors such as Andrea Martin, Andy Richter and Darrell Hammond keep popping up in small roles.

As for the twins, they photograph well, and never attempt to do anything outside their limited range--like, for example, act. But their eye makeup and lip gloss and heady outfits will undoubtedly have many a preadolescent girl fantasizing about the woman she would one day like to become.

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