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Thursday, October 21, 2004
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Sound Bites

Renee Heartfelt, Magdalene EP. What do you get when a buncha dudes from neck-vein-popping hardcore bands like Striking Distance, American Nightmare and Time Flies form a supergroup? You get...commercial alt-rock? Yeah, that's what Magdalene is, and it's quite well done, sprawling, guitar-heavy anthems that make you want to chug a name-brand soft drink...with the can turned so the logo is facing the camera, please. Thank you.--AK

Johnny Prill, The Polka Beat. If there was ever a cure for a chronic sense of sneering irony, The Polka Beat is it, a polka album jaunting with such chummy, earnest, avuncular, cultishly happy energy that you want to promise to never cuss again and drink eight glasses of milk daily and tell your mom how much you love her and help out with the dishes sometimes. Standout: "Las Vegas," Johnny Prill's oompah farewell to his former home.--AK

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